STEAM Programs

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I have worked with schools to teach students various technical skills from soldering components onto circuit boards to building customised, programable machines. I have also taught students how to use commercially available kits such as Arduino.


I am highly proficient in many coding languages from Java to C#. Indeed, I have taught students how to code from scratch, and I have worked with advanced students to program complex systems complete with LEDs and moveable parts.


Mechatronics is a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, product design, telecommunications, systems, and control. By teaching this program, students with diverse skillsets can work together to develop their STEAM capabilities.

Customised Programs

Different schools have different needs, so I am more than happy to develop a customised program to suit your budget and desired outcomes. Further, I am able to work with equipment that you already have on hand, which can save a lot of money.



STEAM can be difficult for teachers to deliver given the planning, organisation and technical skills that are often involved. For all of these reasons, my customised programs have been tremendously popular.